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Steps to Make Homemade Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken Corn Soup. Browse Our Collection Of Simple Chicken Soup Recipes and Prepare Yummy Meals! I'm from Lancaster County and grew up eating chicken corn soup! This is a good recipe for it.

Chicken Corn Soup There is no mystery and almost no way to mess up. They would never start with bullion. A great Amish Chicken Corn Soup starts with cooked chicken. You can have Chicken Corn Soup using 7 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chicken Corn Soup

  1. Prepare of Chicken breast.
  2. Prepare of Corn.
  3. Prepare of Stock.
  4. You need of Salt.
  5. You need of Black pepper.
  6. You need of Soy sauce.
  7. You need of Corn starch.

I actually use a good prepared store bought roasted chicken. Remove breast and save for chicken salad. An excellent recipe and very close to "Grandma's Chicken Corn Soup" recipe (from Lancaster PA) given to me. Best part of the recipe: refrigerating and removing the chicken fat.

Chicken Corn Soup instructions

  1. Boil and shred chicken breast.
  2. Pour stock into a pan and bring to a boil.
  3. Add corn, chicken breast, seasonings and salt, and soy sauce.
  4. Allow to simmer.
  5. Mix corn starch with water and add to soup till it thickens to your satisfaction.
  6. Simmer for few minutes and serve hot.

I think the traditional probably began because the soup is hearty and contains just very basic ingredients. When chicken is done, remove to cutting board until cool enough to debone. While chicken is cooling, strain broth through a fine sieve. Debone chicken and cut meat into bite-sized pieces. Add corn (frozen works fine)to broth and bring to a boil.