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Step-by-Step Guide to Make Homemade Pumpkin and Water leaf vegetable soup

Pumpkin and Water leaf vegetable soup. Hello friends, showing you how I prepare vegetable soup using pumpkin leaf and water leaf ( Nigerian style edikang Ikon). Please subscribe to it also thumbs. How to make vegetables soup with (Ugu and water leaf).

Pumpkin and Water leaf vegetable soup Pumpkin Leaves (Ugu) Soup – hearty, healthy soup with smoked meat that taste so sensational. Most people would associate pumpkin leaves with fall and decorations. Vegetable stock: Or chicken stock, if you prefer. You can cook Pumpkin and Water leaf vegetable soup using 10 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Pumpkin and Water leaf vegetable soup

  1. You need leaf of Pumpkin.
  2. You need leaf of Water.
  3. You need 1 of cooking spoon palm oil.
  4. Prepare 2 of medium sized Titus fish.
  5. It’s 2 of seasoning cubes.
  6. Prepare 2 tablespoons of crayfish.
  7. It’s 1 tablespoon of black pepper.
  8. You need 1/2 tablespoons of grounded nutmeg.
  9. It’s 1 of medium sized onions.
  10. Prepare to taste of Salt.

For an extra-velvety consistency you can pour the soup through a fine sieve. The soup can now be frozen. This easy soup is made with pumpkin puree, chicken stock, onion, and fresh herbs. Cream is stirred in at the end for added richness.

Pumpkin and Water leaf vegetable soup step by step

  1. Slice and water leaf in lots of water seive and put in a clean pot. Add palm oil and put on low heat to cook.
  2. Slice and wash pumpkin leaf with lots of water and set aside. Slice fish and wash thoroughly. Slice onions and set aside as well..
  3. Check water leaf to ensure its properly cooked and that there is minimal water. Stir carefully..
  4. Add washed pumpkin leaf onions seasoning, crayfish, fish, nutmeg, black pepper and allow to boil on low heat for an additional five minutes..
  5. Add salt to taste. Stir carefully and leave to simmer for one minute. Food is ready to be served. Serve with swallow of your choice or eat alone..

Heat stock, salt, pumpkin, onion, thyme, garlic, and peppercorns. Besides being crazy delicious, this pumpkin soup can be cooked up in a single pot – so it's super Ginger adds a lovely gentle warmth to this pumpkin soup with coconut milk and coriander Wash the roots and stalks well to remove any dirt clinging to the roots. Shake off any water and finely chop. I like fresh thyme, because it requires the least amount of prep — just strip the leaves from the stems and throw the whole leaves into the soup. How to prepare water leave soup.